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About Mick

Mick first saw and experienced the spirit world (or etheric world as he prefers to refer) and mediumship aged 11. ” It was so amazing and yet at the same time actually so natural to me. I never thought anymore of it at the time other than it was an experience of seeing something that I will never forget.”

Clearly even back then; there was a mediumistic, clairvoyant, psychic ability.

Many years have gone by since then and although always being philosophical from early teen years in considering there to be more than life than we know it here and believing in the power of the universe & all its vastness, there has to be a place that exists beyond what we see, consider and accept within the human life experience.

Heard so often that it is almost a cliche; that people come into mediumship by a life event that somehow galvanises, or it is in the family blood. Mick considers that he perhaps ticks both of those boxes, since one of his aunts, originally from Scotland emigrated to Australia back in the 1950’s where she became known nationally for her mediumship. Although never intended to become a medium as such, it has to be said that if someone had suggested even in the last decade that he would become a Spiritualist medium he would have disagreed with them. However with all the rich tapestry that life brings us, a life changing event took place for Mick and his whole world became totally different, making one look at life in a completely different way altogether.

During the process of life changing beyond all recognition as it was known, Mick began to search for answers to what was happening to and around him. This led to investigating Spiritualism and researching everything that could be found; particularly with the science and philosophical aspects.

The philosophies of Spiritualism (sometimes referred to as the thinking man’s religion), were of particular interest because it runs parallel with own thinking that was so heavily influenced by reading over decades; books that included  Napoleon Hill’s classic  Think and Grow Rich  around 1991 and many times since. Never has a book had such an impact on ones thinking. The philosophies detailed within are so relevant today as they were at its first publication in August 1937. The other major influence has been listening to the now timeless classic The Strangest Secret  by Earl Nightingale.

Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds – Napoleon Hill

The contents of both publications are both in line with the philosophy of Spiritualism and equals in so many ways. The whole ethos of Spiritualism fits like a glove too with the philosophy and mediumship feeling so right and natural.

The philosophical aspect has led to the creation of the blog website with some of the writing content forming a basis for some of Mick’s platform philosophy. “My website offers regular blog postings in addition to daily inspiration on , giving motivational, inspirational & thought provoking ideas and sayings for modern everyday life.”

It is said that there are two important events in a persons life. The first is when they are born, the second is when they discover why they were born. “I consider mediumship to be a calling and my reason to exist. Working with the etheric world is both awesome and amazing. The intelligence of the world unseen is, in most part perhaps beyond our comprehension, but one thing for sure, is that the unseen world exists without any shadow of doubt. I occasionally have had the privilege of the spirit world making not just their presence known as they do, but to be objectively clear before me also.”

“It is truly a privilege and honour to work with the etheric world. The feeling that one receives when truly connecting with the world unseen is almost beyond words and indeed comprehension, but remains truly awesome when that level of understanding is of  that life lived & that life shared.”

” This has assisted me in achieving from the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) in January 2016 the award of Platform Accreditation in both speaking and demonstrating PAS (s&d) followed in October 2016 with the Certificate of the SNU, (CSNUs&d).” 

In demand to provide demonstrations of mediumship throughout the UK, Mick brings a unique experience, delivering the philosophical science of mediumship in a modern and engaging way.

 Mick Blacker Platfrom accreditation (PASs&d), Certificate of the Spiritualists’ National Union (CSNUs&d)

Doing what you love is a passion because you just do it regardless Mick Blacker