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" A big thank you to Mick Blacker for taking our Divine Service this morning. Mick shared a very interesting philosophy followed by some fab evidential mediumship." 26.1.20

" Many thanks for today Mick and the 'spot on' message from my loved ones."   - John Matthews.  26.1.20

" Thank you to Mick and all our audience. Some amazing evidence this afternoon! " 20.1.20

" Thank you Mick Blacker. Excellent Divine service." 12.1.20

" Thank you so much Mick for a great service. The philosophy was very interesting and the clairvoyance brill ! "

" Yes it was a good service. My message meant a lot "

" Many thanks today to Mick Blacker (CSNU) for taking this morning's Divine service.

Inspirational prayers and philosophy and a marvellous demonstration of mediumship. "

" Thank you. It was a lovely service. "

" Our thanks go to Mick for a wonderful afternoon of mediumship. The proof of survival was so detailed. All messages were well received by all who attended. "

" Big thanks to Mick Blacker for tonight's special service of mediumship. There was lots of evidence and proof of eternal life given. Everyone enjoyed the service. Thanks again Mick."

" Excellent service today, great energies. Big thank you to Mick Blacker for presenting excellent evidence of Spirit and eternal life."

" Wonderful energies tonight and exceptional evidence of Spirit from Mick Blacker. Total proof of continual life."

"Excellent evidence from our loved ones in the Spirit World. We had a great evening last week with Mick Blacker."

" Another excellent medium this week ... Mick Blacker."

" Great evidence. Great evening."

" An inspiring afternoon of mediumship on Wednesday afternoon."

" What a fabulous demonstration ! "

" Brilliant evening with Mick Blacker. Really enjoyed listening to the messages. So uplifting to know that spirit is with us at all times.                  The energy in the church was truly amazing this evening."

" Big thanks to Mick for a wonderful afternoon of mediumship. Great evidence."

" Thank you Mick Blacker for an uplifting, evidential service. We look forward to your next visit to our church."

" Our thanks go to Mick for a wonderful afternoon of mediumship. The proof of survival was so detailed and all messages were well received by all who attended."


" Thank you Mick Blacker CSNU for a lovely service. We look forward to your next visit."

" A lovely afternoon of mediumship with Mick Blacker."

" A very inspiring and thought provoking philosophy and a brilliant demonstration of mediumship of life after life."

" A brilliant service at Dudley last night."

"Absolutely fantastic philosophy."

" And a very enjoyable night it was too. Thank you Mr Blacker."

" Great evening as usual Mick. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

" It was the most fantastic evidence that I have ever known. Thank you so very much."

" Last week I went to the Spiritualist church in Coventry. It was wonderful."

" Brilliant evidence."

" The evidence you gave me was absolutely 2nd to none. Nobody could actually know all of that."

" You are definitely in touch with my father. Thank you so much."

" Thank you Mick Blacker for a lovely service tonight."

" Was lovely. Thank you for the little chat after."

" Thank you Mick for a lovely service."

" Just attended your event at the Dovehouse Theatre. Excellent evening. Thank you, really enjoyed it."

" Great night. Thank you."

" A big thank you for an excellent night of mediumship."

" Fab ! Thank you."

" A really good night."

" Wonderful service tonight Mick Blacker. Thank you".

" Mick is a very experienced and passionate medium."

" We had a wonderful Remembrance Day Service. Thank you so much Mick Blacker. Your philosophy was brilliant and messages full of incredible evidence of survival for those who took them. God Bless, we look forward to seeing you again next year Mick".

" Thank you for a wonderful service last night. We really enjoyed it."

" Very big thanks to Mick Blacker for tonight's excellent service. Lots of love, laughter and excellent proof of eternal life from the spirit world was given. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the service. Thanks again Mick. We look forward to seeing you again soon."

" A very enjoyable evening. Gave plenty of proof of spirit. Full of love n laughter."

" Your mediumship is excellent. "

" Massive thanks to Mick Blacker tonight for a lovely service with great evidence and a laugh thrown in."

" Thank you Mick Blacker for an excellent night."

" Fantastic night all round. "

" Tomorrow night 19th December, we have Mick Blacker (CSNU) with us. Looking forward to a great evening. "

" We had Mick Blacker with us last night at Tamworth Spiritualist Church. It was a great night. "

" Thank you to Mick Blacker and Deb Taylor for last nights fabulous event. A top quality demonstration which also promoted the valuable education of the science and philosophy of mediumship in a modern and engaging way."

" It was a great night."

" A brilliant night. Really enjoyed it."

" Lovely evening."

" A great night. Everyone enjoyed it."


"Brilliant night!"

" Wonderful evening !"

" Thanks for serving our church Mick. Great service."

" Many thanks to Katie Hughes (PAS) and Mick Blacker (CSNU) for your wonderful address and demonstration of mediumship this evening. It's been a pleasure to have you serve our church. Will look forward to having you back next year."


" Great Night."

" Lovely night. Well worth coming to see you both. Thank you."

" Have to say in all these years and the journey of mediumship, tonight I witnessed the best demonstration of mediumship I have ever seen in my entire life. Well done and a big shout out for Mick Blacker And Loraine Todd. Just wonderful. Both true ambassadors for the world unseen. The best dem ever ! I cannot sleep thinking how wonderful the mediumship was tonight at the Rose Theatre Rugeley. So thankful and privileged to have witnessed the wonderful communication between the two worlds. God bless you both thank you."

" Absolutely fantastic evening with Mick Blacker and Loraine Todd. Amazing evidence and some lovely messages. Well done to you both."

"A big thank you to Mick Blacker and Loraine Todd for an amazing evening of mediumship. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Wow what an inspiration you both are."

" Fantastic evening of mediumship from Loraine Todd and Mick Blacker. Thank you."

" Thank you for my message last night. It meant so much. Great to see you. You were fantastic. "



" Many thanks to Mick Blacker & Katie Hughes for their service this tonight.

Lovely atmosphere with great philosophy and assured demonstration."

"Thanks for a great service tonight and the warm welcome, my first visit to Walsall Spiritualist Church and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Yes it was a good evening."

"It was a great evening."

"Great evening at Walsall spiritualist church, from one medium to another YOU were Great !"

"A fabulous demonstration."

"Another excellent demonstration of mediumship by Mick Blacker !"

"It certainly was a lovely evening."

"Wow !"

"Really enjoyed it last night."

" Thank you Mick Blacker for a wonderful service on the 14th."

"You did amazing when you came to our church!" 

" We have Mick Blacker with us. As usual a great evening ahead."

"A fabulous medium who was enjoyed when he last joined us, with sincere philosophy and many wonderful messages from loved ones in spirit"

"Really enjoyed your service."